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Agri-Flora Organic solutions Ltd is committed to manufacture quality and affordable organic fertilizer. This has been occasioned by the Global awareness for the hazard of long-term chemical fertilizer use is growing. Because of this, more and more farmers all over the world are shifting to organic fertilizers. The agricultural market has also recognized this trend, and has recently employed a full-blown campaign to promote organic and natural fertilizers. Among the benefits of using organic fertilizers are non-toxic food, lower cost, better soil fertility, and of course, a safer environment

Agricultural scientists all over the world agree that compost is an excellent source of organic matter for garden plants. Compost provides air, water, organic matter, and microorganisms to your plants, thus enhancing their growth. It also maintains a healthy atmosphere for the soil and hence keeps insects, plant diseases, and weeds away. Those are the facts that have made Agri-Flora Organic Solutions venture in making organic fertilizer

The NPK value for organic fertilizers depends on the organic matter used for preparing them. Organic matter such as dried blood and fish meal are rich in nitrogen. Fish meal is also rich in phosphorus. Kelp, on the other hand, is rich in potassium. The ability of different types of organic matter to release nutrients is also not the same. Therefore, the availability of nutrients is also an important criterion when selecting the type of organic fertilizer.



To be a leading national enterprise with global aspirations, effectively pursuing multiple growth opportunities, maximizing returns to the stakeholders, remaining socially and ethically responsible.


To provide our customers with premium quality products in a safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sound manner, deliver exceptional services and customer support, maximizing returns to the shareholders through core business and diversification, providing a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.

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